A Grim Trilogy is a superhero crime thriller series told from the viewpoint of the villains, written by author Jennifer Reinfried. Learn about the creation process here, in her blog, as she recounts the development of the books.

Grim Ambition is the first book in A Grim Trilogy. It is a dark, exciting thriller in which we meet a superhero who is teetering on the edge of becoming a villain. The story follows the personal lives of the criminals that are attempting to take him down. Overshadowing it all is a menacing, complication that none of them are prepared to battle, which they face in the chaotic climax.

Grim Judgment begins during the aftermath, and we come across synthetic humans that were bred for war in an experiment that was shut down years prior. Few escaped, but those that did have extremely powerful abilities. With the lines between good and evil completely blurred, these people are forced to team up with their enemies to fight against someone whose terrifying powers could wipe out cities at a time in a devastating final battle that takes place in book three, Grim Vengeance.

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