On a Roll (Don’t Forget Gen Con!)

I was on a hell of a roll yesterday! Not only was I in the writing zone a hundred percent, but I had the day free from (most) distractions. I completed the very first chapter for book two, wrote the ending for book two, and finished a new section of book one, and am very proud of myself. I surpassed my word count by a TON, and my proofreaders love, love, LOVE the new section in book one.

This week, however, I hope to get all of my writing and ideas out of me, as I’m going to the one and only GEN CON! I am so excited for it this year! I’m going with a much better group (and not having to deal with a particular thorn in my side anymore has greatly increased my happiness overall, so hopefully that thorn will not be attending the con this year). Have you been to Gen Con before? It’s my favorite con that I’ve been to my whole life; nothing can quite describe the amazingness of it. No one in the group I’m going with this time has been there before, so it’s going to be extra exciting. However, I won’t be able to write at all, so hopefully my brain is too occupied with the best four days of gaming to come up with ideas or be hit with the writing bug while I’m there! (Of course, I will be bringing my notebook and laptop JUST in case.)

Speaking of the writing bug…I think I have to go write some more now.


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