Gen Con, Story Edits, and Encouragement

Well, we’re back from Gen Con!

What an amazing event. I absolutely love attending Gen Con. I had the honor of meeting many new people, including fantastic authors Dan Wells, Dylan Birtolo, and Patrick Tomlinson. All three were very kind, and signed my books. I highly recommend checking out their work if you’re a fan of mine!

One of my favorite parts was seeing the look on my companions’ faces when they arrived the first time and saw the wave of thousands upon thousands of people at the event, especially when the vendor hall’s doors were opened that first day. It’s mind-blowing. We came home with a TON of new games that I can’t wait to try, as you can see:


Three of my favorite games I played demos of were:

-Mortals by Partial Arc, which isn’t out yet, but will be Kickstarting in 2017
-Flag Dash by PieceKeeper Games was super fun
-Bring Out Yer Dead!

My hubby and I already played a round of Kill Doctor Lucky (which I’ve been looking for since Gen Con 2014 when I played the actual cheap ass version of this Cheap Ass game – it used to go for between $100 and $200 online before now!), but we have so many more to learn and play, which is so exciting for me. I love, love, love learning new tabletop games and then sharing them with friends on a game night.

Another amazing part of the week was actually when we got back. I had submitted the first 100 pages of Grim Ambition (the first book in A Grim Trilogy) to a fantastic editor, Libby of Sherman Writing Services, and received her edits and commentary in the mail the day after we returned home. This means I am now getting to revamp parts, making them much stronger, add new ones, take some weaker ones away, and make the story a hundred times better than it already was. My beta readers loved it the way it was before editing, so I’m really excited to see what they think of it after Libby’s fantastic suggestions!

I want to close on this: I absolutely LOVE writing novels. I cannot get past how thrilling, intriguing and stimulating it is for me. If you have even thought about writing yourself, DO IT.

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