Some Advance Praise for Grim Ambition (#1 of the Grim Trilogy)

“As a reader, I see the difficulty that authors of suspense have in building and maintaining tension while moving the plot forward – many seem unable to do so without showing their hand. Jen doesn’t seem to be hindered by this challenge. This book of hers is gritty, sexy, captivating, and never predictable.” ~Nate B.

“It’s a compelling story full of twists and turns that keeps me hooked and wanting to know more. Well fleshed out characters and vivid imagery leave me on the edge of my seat.” ~Chris W.

“I can’t wait for [Jennifer]’s book to get published. She gave me a little sneak-preview, and you guys, IT’S SO GOOD! I got so sucked-in, I’ve had the toughest time putting it down. I needed to know what happened next! I love how completely believable the characters are… living out a life I never imagined. There are so many great twists and details, all expertly woven into this dark and slightly gritty truly unique story, I’m blown away. I need more.” ~Liz C.

“This shit’s good. What the fuck is happening? It’s SO GOOD.” ~Nate B.*

*haha I HAD to include this one!


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