Productive Weekend, Some Monday Motivation, and a Second Book Tease!

This weekend was so productive! First, I sent another batch to the editor, the fabulous Libby at Sherman Writing Services. Can’t wait to get her feedback!

Then, I was hit with a hell of an inspiration to write, and blew through my daily writing goal AND word count for Friday, Saturday and Sunday! It felt so good to be able to get so much creativity out and to get a huge chunk completed. Today, I even got to brainstorm the history of Ivan Vance and his motivations which will come out in book two. It’s important to get this kind of information down as soon as you can work on it!

I want to close out by saying how amazing this process is and how writing can truly inspire someone. Ever since I started writing Grim Ambition, I haven’t been able to stop. Ideas pour out of me constantly, meaning I’ve truly found the creative outlet I’ve been craving for my entire life. I never thought I could do this, but here I am, nearly done with a full length novel that starts out a trilogy! I have fantastic advance praise, great connections and friends in the business, and I couldn’t be happier. I urge you to find what your creativity has been craving and pursue it with all you have!

Oh, here is the second sneak peek for you all:


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