Two Little Words

Hey everyone! Big news! Two days ago, I was finally able to write those two little words that gave me an extreme thrill and sense of pride and excitement in Grim Ambition: THE END. I finished the book!

Now, of course, this doesn’t mean it’s ready. I have my betas going through everything right now and editing things as they provide feedback. Once all the beta edits are done and I pass through the book once from start to finish, it’s off to the editor! Then when that comes back and I work on those revisions, it’s off to another editor for a final pass.

Grim Ambition is in the final stretches. It will still take a bit of time and a whole lot of work, but I’ve been loving every second of writing this book. Now that it has a beginning, middle, and end, I’ll be posting more sneak peeks and excerpts, so stay tuned!

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