Book Two Title Release and Advance Praise

Book two is nearly finished already! As a little teaser, I’m releasing some detailed advanced praise. You can find it below!

Advance Praise for Grim Judgment, the second book in A Grim Trilogy:

Jennifer Reinfried has done it again! The story continues along a dark trajectory, slamming you full-force into vivid scenes that will leave you breathless.  I laughed, I cried, I threw my copy of the book at the wall, and then I picked it back up and kept reading, because I just had to know what happened next!  This intricately woven story with complex characters, unexpected twists, and dark imagery is crafted with pure brilliance and is nothing short of masterfully written. I can’t get enough from my favorite new author!” ~Liz C.

Grim Ambition, the first book in the Grim Trilogy, set the stage for the brilliant second must-read installment in the series. As the story pans out to encompass the bigger picture the decisions, seemingly inconsequential at the time, gain greater clarity as questions are answered and deeply compelling story lines gain momentum. I find myself enthralled by each and every one of the characters as if they are sitting next to me, as I see the world through their eyes as they come to terms with their actions and the knowledge lives will never be the same. The second installment is bursting with hope, fear, joy, sorrow, and loss. This is a book that will have you examining your own life with new eyes if you embrace the deeper message.” ~Chris W.


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