Pitch Letter and Nerves

I just submitted my pitch letter to my editor so she can ensure it’s what I need before I send it out to agents, and I’m getting more and more nervous! Think about it: my entire life I’ve been wanting to do this and I’m finally making it a reality, but am at the part of the process where I could be completely shut down. I’M TERRIFIED.

I’ve been trying to stay positive throughout everything, and it’s been so easy to do so while creating this world and putting it into words for people to experience. The first draft of book two, Grim Judgment, is fully completed, and that was one hell of a wild ride. In it we get SO many answers that readers have from the first book, and meet new, exciting characters for Shawn and Jaxon to learn from, and we finally get to see what happens when the “good guys” and “bad guys” come together. IT’S SO EXCITING! I just want to share it all right now, but alas, must wait to show the world. One step at a time!

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