Grim Ambition Update and Thank Yous

Hi everyone!

Okay, I just wanted to give you all an update on Grim Ambition, the first book in A Grim Trilogy.

I am currently perfecting the first three chapters of Grim Ambition. My pitch letter is complete and ready to go. Now, as I have fresh eyes take one more look over chapters 1 through 3, other betas are rereading the entire rewrite. The last thing I have to write is a 1-2 page synopsis that will also be submitted to agents and publishers. Everything is coming up quickly, and I’m so excited!

I also want to take the time to give a shout out to my wonderful Grim Ambition beta readers, who not only read the entire book more than once in their free time, but also gave me crucial feedback that helped perfect Grim Ambition and get it ready for the public’s eyes. A huge thank you to:

-Derek Reinfried
-Maureen Reinfried
-Liz Cassity
-Chris Weber
-Joshua Dobos
-Nate Bjork

Without the help of my betas, Grim Ambition would have taken longer and might not include some of the exciting and cool schtuff that’s in it now! Thank you, beta readers!

All right, time for some more editing and writing!

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