Book Release Party Update

Well, the time is drawing near…the book release party is almost upon us! Friday, April 28th. If you’re in Madison, WI, you’re welcome to join! We will be celebrating the release of Grim Ambition as well as its short story prequel, Grim Inception, which will have been available on Amazon for a month by the time of the party.

Just so you are aware, many people tend to show up late to shows, but don’t do that for this! Things will kick off right away at 6:30pm, and you don’t want to be late! First off, we have people dressed up as the characters of the book, who you’ll be able to fully interact with. Ask them anything you want! You can also take photos with your favorites.

We have a few surprise performances with the characters, too, which will be a once in a lifetime spectacle. These will start promptly at 6:30pm, so again, don’t show up late, or you’ll have missed the fun! But, if you can’t help it, there will still be photo ops with the characters, live bands playing later on in the night, and I will be there to sign whatever Grim things you want me to! Hope to see you there!

Click here for the Facebook invite.


the party

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