A Month of Grim

I’ve gotten a ton of people asking me what I’m up to now that Grim Ambition has been released and what an author does to promote their work, so I figured, why not post about it? 😀 Here’s everything I’ve been working on in the last month!

  • Radio and podcast interviews
  • Recording Grim Inception for Audible
  • Finding people in the area to play the characters at my book release party
  • Making the Grim costume for the book release party
  • Teaching the characters multiple choreographed surprises for the book release party in addition to ordering supplies and merch for it (like posters, costumes, etc)
  • Working on finding more online promotion
  • Setting up book signings and discussions at local venues here in town
  • Working with betas who are reading through book two right now before it goes to the editor in May
  • Attending conventions to sell books and speak on author panels
  • Work with my artist to create book two character portraits
  • Interviewing and hiring artists for the upcoming graphic novel
  • Trying to find someone who will help me figure out the rules for the RPG I want to create
  • Researching publishing companies for said graphic novels
  • Making and getting business cards
  • Figuring out travel plans and helpers in other cities where I am attending the cons
  • Maintaining my blog and daily online presence
  • Ensuring none of the above fails!)

Not sure if I’m missing something or not, but more will add to the list as the months go on, such as

  • editing and revising book two
  • working on the script for the graphic novel to send to the artist
  • do a photo shoot
  • film a few music videos
  • record four people for Grim Ambition’s Audible
  • finishing book three
  • writing two more short stories in between the books

So yeah! It’s been a busy month! All this in addition to working TWO jobs haha!

Also, if I seem neurotic when something goes wrong or can’t make plans for a while, well, this is why. 😛 But I’m not complaining at all; it’s been an amazing journey, and I’m tackling everything with as much positivity as I can. I couldn’t do it without the love and support of my fans, friends, and family, and I’m forever grateful for each and every one of them.

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