A Weekend of Grim

Hi all! Whew! What a weekend!

First off, the book release party for Grim Ambition was on Friday…and it was a SMASHING success! Over one hundred people attended the celebration, which included photo ops with people dressed and acting as the characters from A Grim Trilogy, a flash mob dance and song performed by the characters themselves, live bands, and much more! The venue, Art In in Madison on East Washington Avenue, was an amazing place to hold a party. Because it was an art gallery by day and live music venue at night, I was able to display posters of all my character’s art on the walls underneath well-placed lights, and also entertain my crowd on the other side of the room where the stage was.

I did have a professional photographer at the venue, so stay tuned, as a LOT of photos and videos will be up soon!

So that was Friday, the 28th. Once the party was over around 11pm, a bunch of us attended the after party at The Frequency, which was also super fun. Then, Saturday and Sunday, I attended author panels here in Madison and had a BLAST. I absolutely love being on panels and speaking about my journey and how my Grim universe came to be. It was an exhausting weekend, but so, SO worth it!


Oh, side note!!! I almost forgot!! I went into my favorite local gaming store here in town and guess what I saw on the shelves?! Do you see it?! AHHHHHH such a cool feeling!


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