What’s Next In the Grim Universe?

I’ve had a lot of people asking me what the next step is for Grim, so I thought I’d share!

Right now book two, Grim Judgment, is at the editor. She does a few passes to get the feel of the book, find any continuity errors or things that don’t make sense, along with issues in the actual way I write (telling vs. showing, etc). Then she’ll go through again for grammatical things she might not have seen when reading for content. After that, I’ll be having another editor do the same thing, a few different passes as well. The editing/revising process is honestly the longest, so while fans are waiting for book two to be in its final stages, I’m working on some other Grim things.

First, we get new art this week, which I’m really excited about. I can’t put my finger on why I’m excited for this one, but I know it’s going to look amazing, so stay tuned!

Second, I’ve been in contact with more than one person who can help with the Grim RPG. We are negotiating terms and whatnot, but once that’s done and I’ve selected someone to write it, that will be taking off quickly. I still need to hire someone to do the art for it, so I might have to do a Kickstarter, depending on how much art will be in the booklet. I also have someone to make pieces and card deck holders if I go that route, and am discussing things with a different artist to design a map of Redborough for players to use.

As far as the Grim graphic novel, I’m first waiting to hear back from the artist, so no updates there quite yet.

I have selected the Grim narrators for the Grim Audible recording, so now, we are all meeting this week with the professional voice actor who is working with me on this. He will give the others insight and tips as to how to do their sections, and help Derek and I figure out what we need to watch for and what should and should not be in the Audible recordings.

Lastly, I’ve only got one or two chapters left of the secret book I’ve been working on, and that will go to the editor after Grim Judgment. My plan is to release Grim Judgment first, then the secret book, then a new short story that takes place between books one and two (kind of like Inception, only it’s between books, not a prequel) that will give more insight to a minor character like Inception did for Henry.

Other than all this, it’s edit, edit, EDIT! Life’s a whirlwind right now, but I’m determined to get everything done and ready for fans who are practically begging for more!

Oh, one more thing! We are filming a music video to promote Grim Judgment. Check out the actor we hired to play Bruce (in his old man get up):

bruce at bar

OK, back at it! I’ll update you guys again soon. Again, stay tuned for the new art this week! 😀

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