A New Grim Installment

Hello all! I’ve been crazy busy typing away, but wanted to check in! What am I working on lately?

Well, Grim Judgment’s release party is July 28, 2017, so I’ve been working on the final edits as well as getting the covers done. Yes, covers. Plural. /eyebrow wiggle

The Grim RPG should be ready for its first play test of the core mechanics sometime in the next week or so, which is SO AWESOME. I’m loving how you play the game, and can’t wait to finally show everyone once it’s ready.

On top of that, guess what I’m writing tonight? Aww, yeah! It’s none other than Grim Misfortune, the short story that is probably the most intense short I’ve ever written! I’m so excited to share it with you all!

aww yeah

Okay, back to work I go!

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