Title for the Grim RPG and More Art!

Things are really happening fast in the Grim world! Time to check in on the progress of the RPG, methinks.

So far, this is what I’m able to say about the RPG: players will create and control a character that is hoping to work their way up the criminal ranks of Ivan Vance‘s underground crime ring. You will be given jobs by Alex. Neither trust you very much from the get go, but each job you complete for them will not only earn you money, but will gain you trustworthiness, which you use to get better jobs and more rewards. Players work together as a team but can backstab each other at any time to earn more trust…if it is done correctly. Finally, the last thing I can reveal is there is a constant threat of injury and death (I mean, you’re a criminal doing bad guy things!) but there is also a good chance of Grim showing up to take you down. We have play tested it once already, and it was not only fun, but super intense!

So, knowing all that, what do you guys think of the title Criminal Ambition: A Grim RPG? Leave a comment on this blog post to let me know your thoughts!

In addition, the artwork for the rule book is coming along very nicely. Check out the most recent additions!

Weston “Alex” Alexander is my new favorite piece. The artist really captured the look of the actor that inspired the character!

Weston Alexander

Next, we have none other than the kingpin himself, Ivan Vance.

Ivan Vance

And in case you missed it, here’s the art of Isaac for the game!

Issac Krouse


6 thoughts on “Title for the Grim RPG and More Art!

  1. Digging the name. Based on the title, is the player character on the criminal side? So many questions and also desire to see the game when it’s ready for public consumption.


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