Grim Updates!

Well, the Grim Judgment (A Grim Trilogy #2) book release party was FANTASTIC! People showed up and got to indulge on a free taco bar before the night kicked off with a murder mystery party. The first three people to give me the correct killer and how the victim was killed received a free autographed copy of Grim Judgment! Everyone that participated did a fantastic job, and I owe an extra huge thank you to those that played the parts of my book’s characters. ❤

So, what’s next, you may ask? Well, here’s a Grim update!

-writing Grim Resentment (A Grim Trilogy 2.5) short story
-writing Grim Vengeance (A Grim Trilogy#3)
-getting Grim Judgment converted to Kindle and up on Amazon for sale prior to its release date in August 2017
-continue to play test Criminal Ambition: A Grim RPG as the developers add to it
-follow up on the status of the Grim graphic novel
-teaching the people who will play my characters at the final release party certain songs for their epic performances
-getting both cover designs (standard and collector’s edition) for Grim Vengeance
-work with other artists to begin to build the Grim merch store
-attend upcoming conventions to sell Grim
-make new art into second trading card packs
-complete and release secret Grim book
-continue to advertise
-record all parts of Grim Ambition for the Audible version
-search for new ways to get Grim out there!

Not gonna lie, it’s a lot of work still, but I’m loving every moment of it!

If you would like an autographed copy of Grim Judgment prior to the release date, contact me on Twitter or message the Grim page on Facebook and I can send you one with free shipping (to the US, anywhere else shipping costs do apply)! Otherwise it will be available on Amazon soon … but when purchased from there it will not be signed!

2 thoughts on “Grim Updates!

  1. Dang. This is an incredible to-do list. I’m super impressed with all the goals you’ve set and how organized you are. Good luck with it. I hope you manage to accomplish everything you set out to accomplish.

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