More Grim Coming Your Way!

As many of you already know, A Grim Trilogy is finally complete. Throughout 2017, three novels and three short story companion novelettes were released, with the final installment – Grim Vengeance – set to come out December 30, 2017.

I bet you think that’s it, huh? That it’s the end of Grim as we all know it?

Nope. There’s more. Oh, there’s so much more.

First and foremost, I am recording and releasing all published Grim books on Audible. With the help of some amazing folks, Grim Inception will be the first one available as an audiobook, with the rest to follow (hopefully quickly!).

Don’t you forget about Dawn of the Wraiths, though! The novel is Grim Ambition all over again, only told from the viewpoint of good ol’ Jaxon. You know, this guy:


Remember how we only got Shawn’s point of view in Grim Ambition, and not Jaxon’s? How Shawn kept seeing shadows and wondering just what the hell his angsty, mopey adoptive brother was really up to? What WAS Jaxon doing, anyway, in all those sections? If you want to know, well, stay tuned, because Dawn of the Wraiths will give brand new insight not only to what Shawn couldn’t understand, but show you just how Jaxon figured out his destructive powers.

Exciting, right?!

Anyway, that’s what’s in store for the Grim Universe for now. Well, that and The Souls of the Lash, my Western thriller that may or may not be (it so is) tied directly into Grim Ambition. (How? Psh, you’ll see. Oh, you’ll so see.)

Side note: Seriously, Jaxon can’t even smile as a Pop! Figurine … ! Oy, vey!


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