Grim Ambition Social Media Contest 2017


It’s that time again, folks! In honor of Grim Ambition nearing completion, I’m holding another contest to win awesome Grim prizes!

The Rules:

Simple! Draw the logo anywhere you want and snap a pic of it. Get creative! Then, post it on any or all social media platforms of your choosing. The two things you MUST do in your post is:

  • tag either this site ( or the book Grim Inception on Amazon (click here for paperback and here for the Kindle version) in your post.
  • tag #grimiscoming in the post

The Deadline:

Monday 3/27/2017 at midnight. Winner will be announced the following morning.

The Prizes:

SIGNED poster of Grim (or a character of your choosing)
A pack of Grim character cards with a brand new Henry card added (first time in print!)
SIGNED paperback copy of Grim Inception AND Grim Ambition

*The winner will be chosen based on creativity AND amount of posts/shares. Good luck everyone!!! (See last year’s entries here!)