Social Media Contest 2016

Are you bummed you missed out on the cool prizes from the Grim Ambition contest earlier this month? Don’t worry! I have a few prizes leftover that I’d love to give away, so I’m doing one more contest this year!

This one will be easier. All you have to do is share my site (with me tagged) on Facebook and/or Twitter for points! That’s it! The contest runs from 12/19/2016 and ends 12/23/2016. There’s no limit to how often you share the site, either.

MAKE SURE I’M TAGGED (and the site, too). If I’m not tagged, I won’t see it, and you won’t get credit/points!

As always, BONUS POINTS awarded each time you draw the Grim logo in public (see below) and post a photo of it (again, with the site linked and me tagged so I see it). Make them nice and creative! Click here to see what other people did for past contests!

Even more BONUS POINTS if you create a hilarious meme from art and share it on social media. For this, make sure the website is on the meme itself somewhere and then you just have to tag me so I see it and tally your points.

Only one winner this time! The prizes include: a signed copy of Grim Ambition (once it is out), a set of Grim Ambition character cards, a sketch of anyone you want by the amazingly talented comic book artist Peter Simeti, ANY ONE product from the Grim Ambition store ($50 and under), and a free lunch with the author if you are in the Madison area.

Here’s the logo:


Good luck to everyone!!!