Grim Vengeance Release Date Announced!

How ready are you?!?! Grim Vengeance, the FINAL installment in the superhero crime thriller series A Grim Trilogy, comes out December 30, 2017! It will be available on Amazon and on the author's website. And don't forget, if you're in Madison THIS SATURDAY, pick up an early SIGNED copy at the release party! 


A Grim Release Party

Here it is, folks! The photos you've been waiting for! Check it out! See if you can match the people with nametags to the characters they are playing, as it is sometimes difficult to see the names. Also, a couple are from book two (they were the live preview...people could ask them questions about their [...]

Book Release Party Update

Well, the time is drawing near...the book release party is almost upon us! Friday, April 28th. If you're in Madison, WI, you're welcome to join! We will be celebrating the release of Grim Ambition as well as its short story prequel, Grim Inception, which will have been available on Amazon for a month by the [...]