Grim: The Graphic Novel

Stop the press!

Hold the phone!

I have a HUGE announcement, Grim fans!

Grim has been picked up to be turned into a GRAPHIC NOVEL! Shawn, Emma, Isaac, Jaxon, Alex…each and every character in the series is going to come to life like never before.

The First Grim Script

Artist Adam Fields, who has done work for Marvel, Upper Deck, Midnight27 Studios, and many more big names, has just begun work on Grim. Just look at his portrait of Grim himself!


So what’s first? Well, Adam and I brought a full page script together from Grim Ambition, the first novel in the trilogy. Once that was finalized, he began what is called character turnarounds. This helps him view each character at different angles for future reference while he pens each page.

Check out vigilante Grim below as that son of a bitch Alex we all love to hate.

GRIM-Character Sheet-Grim

GRIM-Character Sheet-Alex

Once those have been completed, Adam will begin drafting each panel of each page. This helps him figure out where characters are standing, what their surroundings will be, and where to place all narrative and dialogue text.

That’s where the Grim graphic novel is right now, but there will be many more updates – and way more promo art – so stay tuned!

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