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Here you will find character art for each of the main characters in A Grim Trilogy, including art in the short story tie-ins. Click on each to learn more about the people of A Grim Trilogy!

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GRIM INCEPTION (A Grim Trilogy 0.5)


GRIM AMBITION (A Grim Trilogy 1)

grimx_eyes emma1 isaac-small
alex-small jaxon_name shawnwriting
cassie cropped Vance_JenniferReinfried_TEXT

GRIM MISFORTUNE (A Grim Trilogy 1.5)


GRIM JUDGMENT (A Grim Trilogy 2)

Bruce_JenniferReinfried_Text Mari_JenniferReinfried_WithText Aaron_JenniferReinfried_web
Duncan_JenniferReinfried_Text Grant_JenniferReinfried_Text_300dpi

GRIM RESENTMENT (A Grim Trilogy 2.5)


GRIM VENGEANCE (A Grim Trilogy 3)


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