New Book, New Genre

Now, this isn’t the big news I posted about earlier this week, but I wanted to share a quick update on something else I have in the works in the meantime.

New Book, New Genre

I am excited to announce that my new book will be an exciting sci-fi novel! Just like before, it will tie into other stand-alone fictions I’ve published in the past, such as my superhero crime thriller A Grim Trilogy as well as my latest new book, a Western thriller called The Souls of the Lash.

A Quick Author Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and even longer since I’ve released a new book. As you may or may not know already, in January my husband and I moved across the country. Eager to start a new life in our new city, we couldn’t wait to explore. However, bills must be paid, and we both soon started full-time jobs, limiting our free time to weekends.

In addition, I’m still in full-time school, so writing my new book has sadly been on the back burner for many months. However, just last week, inspiration hit me like a gust of wind, and despite having very little free time, I started the first few sections of my new book, which is yet to be named.

The Newest Reinfried Release

So why am I so pumped for my new book? Well, it is going to be super exciting because it’s actually going to reveal why and how the Wild West world in The Souls of the Lash had such connection and similarities to the 2016 world of A Grim Trilogy. If you haven’t read one or the other, though, that’s okay! My new book will still be a stand-alone novel/series.

However, if you have read the Grim novels and Souls, I hope you picked up on some very fun similarities between the two, as they were all extremely intentional – and all planned to be able to lead up to this sci-fi novel I’m working on now!

Endless Connections

As a fun little taste of these connections, here’s an example: Did you notice that in The Souls of the Lash, Etta has a nightmare involving Johnny, who at one point is laughing maniacally, surrounded by the deadly creatures, while floating above them with eyes completely white? Almost as if he was controlling them in her dream?

It was brief but fully intended to remind readers of good ol’ Jaxon and his wraiths. Which is also why they look similar … just like some other Souls characters look similar to ones in Grim. I mean, even some names are quite alike! Etta/Emma, Jaxon/Johnny, Shawn/Shane.

Yep, it’s all on purpose, and it’s about to all be explained!

Comments, Reviews, and More

Whether you’re a brand new reader of my books or have been a fan since the first Grim book was released, I hope you leave me some feedback! I love hearing from you. Leave me a comment below, a review on Amazon for the books you’ve read, or tell me your hopes and dreams. Either way, share your story, because staying connected is important!

And if you have any cool ideas, who knows, maybe they’ll end up in the new book! I’m also in the market for someone to help me design the sci-fi logo, so if that is right up your alley, leave a comment below and I’ll be in touch.

Stay tuned for more updates on my new book, the sci-fi that will take you on a wild, exciting journey with a new story, new cast, yet with some faint familiarity.


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