My First Grim Con

Okay, okay, no, there isn’t an ACTUAL Grim Con…yet. 😛 However, I did attend WonderCon in California this weekend (I’m actually writing this in my hotel right now)! I successfully spread the Grim word to a lot of people here, including to some influential artists. Fingers crossed they enjoy Grim Inception and Ambition!

I’m sore and exhausted, but had a blast! And of course, in a classic Monday move, I fly back home today. Womp womp. I think the worst part about the trip was honestly flying solo; I thought I’d love it as I’d be able to read the entire time, but that’s more difficult than I expected, and I became bored quickly. I think I’ll cave and purchase a movie to watch today on the way back.

The con was definitely a great time, and I met some amazing people, but I got the most out of the panels. I’ve been to a good amount of cons in the past, but this was the first one I got to go to and pitch my own work to people. I have many more set up in the coming months, and I’m lucky to have been able to do this one as a starting point.

Oh, and I got to go to Disneyland on my last day. Awww, yeah!


I’m going to miss the warmth, the sun, and the friendly people out here so much as I fly back to the gloomy Midwest, but I cannot WAIT to be back in my own bed, and to see my family again. ❤

So you might ask: Jen, what is the plan going forward? When is book two out? I NEED ANSWERS AFTER READING GRIM AMBITION!!! Well, here it is:

I plan on seeing if I can put together a kick-ass graphic novel of book one while book two, Grim Judgment, which is done and it its first draft, goes through the rounds of beta reading and the first pass of editing. I also have my book release party to finalize the plan for, and some edits I’ve found that need to be fixed in book one still, meaning Grim Ambition, second edition is coming. In the grand scope of the process, I’m also looking into how to create a Grim RPG, something I’ve never done before, but look forward to learning about! However, the nice thing about doing everything on my own is I get to release book two when its ready, NOT when someone else tells me to do it. Don’t get me wrong, it will take months and months, but I guarantee it will be out sooner than you think. I know fans of book one are anxious for answers, but don’t worry! The process is already in motion. ❤ Until then, I will be releasing Grim Judgment character art and excerpts, so stay tuned!

I want to thank all of my fans, who have been so supportive of me in this entire exciting, exhausting, eye-opening experience (#alliterationFTW). I know I keep saying I wouldn’t be here without you guys, and it’s true. Without your continuous support, Grim wouldn’t be where it is today! Thank you. ❤

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